B20U20m4 Working long hours causes a great deal of stress and can be very bad for the health. The government must find a way to reduce this type of stress. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Working long hours causes a great deal of stress and can be very bad for the health. The government must find a way to reduce this type of stress.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Stress generated from heavy workload which causes bad health for workers. The government should do something to improve this situation. The essay will discuss whether intervention is necessary.

Long hours working not only cause stress to workers, but it can reduce their concentration in work. There is competition between workers, which means that employers pressure their employees to complete their job in a limited amount of time, and their employees have to focus full power on their job. By contracts, workers can easily make mistakes or mishandle some of their tasks, if they do not have enough time to review their tasks or plans and they also can not get appropriate break time. Therefore, working performance will be decreased that can lead to lost organizations. In addition, employees find their working environment uncomfortable. As a result, many workers that choose to switch to other companies are the greatest solution for themself.

Working overtime has some issues related to public health. When numerous people have an unstable mentality, the societies might face violence and unrest. Therefore, the government can give some solutions to help. However, several countries have managed to address these problems. In one instance, the working week was reduced to 4 days. This experimentation gained some positive effects that workers are not only more relaxed but more productive, and still able to get a quality of their job. However, the business still hesitates about working time because of the renovated working time which is not having good effects as they want. So the government does have an important role to play in how the employees are treated.

In conclusion, the stress of workers now comes faster and more complex in life and work, so companies and authorities should come up with appropriate measurements to resolve this problem

There could be a harmful on health as people frequently extended hours of work. Some people argued that the government should do something to lower the risk of health. I completely agree with that statement.

Working long hours on a daily basis might have an adverse impact on not only mental and physical health but also work performance. With the competition in the workplace, people tend to work more hours in a day to achieve the volume of tasks. That means they may lack time for sufficient rest and physical activities, leading to various health issues such as depression, sleep disruption, fatigue, and even diseases related to bone, muscle. The combination of failing health and busy working schedules will directly severe effects on work performance. It could lead to the deterioration of task performance, the pace of work, and lowering employee motivation. Therefore, the outcomes of companies can decrease.

With those reasons above, it is important for the government to govern some regulations for employment to diminish related health issues. In fact, some countries have already addressed that by shortened the working week to four days. As a result, it appears to be successful as employments and business have positive outcomes. The workers become more relaxed and happier. They also enhance their productivity and still meet their targets to create a great quality of outputs. However, it is likely that businesses would be unable to make those improvements unless they were obliged to. Undoubtedly, the governments play a crucial role in the development of employees in the business.

In conclusion, staff may have faced health issues at work, and companies should help them prevent it. I completely believe that authorities should intervene to make the change.

Stress from overwork impact negatively on employee’s health. Many people believe that government should have responsibilities to alleviate this problem. This essay will discuss whether intervention is necessary.

The pressure to work continuously for long hours is caused by several reasons. Firstly, the labor market’s excess manpower leads to an increase in the quantity and quality of work required by workers. Often, employees are forced to ensure the quality of job in the shortest possible time; they can easily be replaced if refused. Secondly, employees aren’t getting the support they need from the company. For instant, lack of time to relax after stressful working days makes people feel exhausted. For these reason, the working efficiency is decreasing, it is like a vicious cycle that workers can not escape.

In order to deal with the above issue, the government may consider offering a certain number of solutions. First and foremost, it is commonly accepted that the regulation of working time per day improves the quality of citizen’s life. The workers not only feel more comfortable but also have more motivation to meet their targets. The locals are less likely to contract diseases cause by working long days, so the budget for public health care is reduced significantly. Furthermore, there is no denying that population would be guaranteed. This is the common situation in some countries, especially Japan, young worker often value their careers over getting married and having children. As a result, the government might have to address future labor scarcity.

In conclusion, staff need to face job pressure and companies should also help the to deal with this. I completely believe that authourities should have laws to solve with this problem.

As the pressure created from heavy workload impact certainly on public health. Many people believe that authorities should take responsible for alleviating this problem. This essay will discuss about the need this interference

Working for long hours can cause stress and affect negatively to the health. There are several reasons which lead to this issue. Firstly, the world is becoming more and more competitive for jobs. Employers put pressure on their workers to do more during working time. Only by working longer hours, workers are able to acquire this. If they turn down, they are immediately replaced. Secondly, rapid developments in high technology require to solve problems at once. Employees are capable of working from their homes. Therefore, they are responsible for doing their professionals out of time from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. As a result, more and more workers now face to serious stress problem and not balance their life within their power. They are not given the necessary assistance.

Some people argue that the government should do something with employment regulations whereas working conditions have adjusted a lot throughout the time. Many countries have accomplished to address those issues such as doing experiment to reduce working week to 4 days. This solution is clearly effective. The workers are not only more relaxed but also more productive. Moreover, they still achieve their targets. However, businesses seem not to alter like this if they don’t obliged to do. This means that governments play an essential role in treatment to employees.

In conclusion, the pace of life and work make workers a great deal of stress and impact seriously on their health. I absolutely ovary. Gammons should give employees a hand to impose for modification