B20U20p2 Some people believe that children of all ages should have extra responsibilities. Others believe that, outside of school, children should be free to enjoy life. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

Some people believe that children of all ages should have extra responsibilities (for example, helping at home or at work). Others believe that, outside of school, children should be free to enjoy life.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Some people consider children learning how to work and be responsible is a positive trend, while others disagree. In my opinion, I believe that children should take part in other outside activities besides schools.

When children are free from responsibilities, they can have more time to spend for themselves. First, they can hang out more and communicate more with their friends. Besides, they could learn from friends they play with. But since children are not wise and self-discipline enough, they might not be able to balance between enjoying and studying. As a result, children could not learn how to live to the fullest and might waste their time playing all the time. Therefore, this could affect a child’s future since they are enjoying it too much.

In contrast, children who are given responsibility from an early age would be more responsible and know more about life. When children help their parents at work, for example in a family restaurant or a shop, they could communicate with others and see how everything works in a restaurant. From that experience, they could aspire to start a business on their own in the future. Besides, children could be given some household chores and they would feel happy just by thinking how great it is for them to do chores by themselves. Therefore, they can learn how to contribute to their families and be more responsible. But parents should not force children to work too much or to start working from an early age since this could have bad effects on children when they might have to experience many stresses of adult life.
In conclusion, there are pros and cons to both approaches. I believe it is more important for children to be given responsibility but only when necessary. In this way, they could complete themselves more and get chances to be the greatest version of themselves.

Some people said that children should have leisure times after a school day to freely do what they want to do while others disagree and that it is compulsory for children to have extra responsibilities. There are pros and cons to this issue.

Firstly, at the age of curious about every life aspects, some children are set free to do what they want to do after school times. With more spare times given, children can join in more outdoor activities and learn more of any subject apart from what has been taught at school. They may exercise more regularly to stay healthier, have some insight researches of their interest. Moreover, a life fulfilled with favorite activities certainly can make children feel happier. However, not every child knows how to spend their free times doing appropriately. Some children can find it more relaxed to simply stay at home and watch TV all days. As the result, children can grow up becoming a lazy person with no life goals ahead. In another way, a child’s future can be negatively affected as they are enjoying life too much.

Secondly, children who are given responsibility are likely to have appropriate manners. They can help their parents to do household chores such as cooking, gardening or simply just keep their room neatly. By doing that, they can tell how much efforts have been made to raise them and then why they should be grateful to everyone especially their parents. Not only gratitude are built up but children can also learn to be less dependent, therefore become a person with great behaviors. However, early access to stresses of adult life by working at illegal working ages can result in exhausted morale. A sensible line of responsibilities is clearly required.

In conclusion, I completely with the idea of children having extra responsibilities but only when it comes up with the legal working age requirement. The earlier access to being an adult, the more advantage children can have for their future.

It is argued by some people that children at any age should be given extra responsibilities, while others disagree. In my opinion, I believe that there are advantages and disadvantages to both views.
Some children can do whatsoever they want after school. This means that they are able to unwind from an early age. Although it may help them to be more comfortable and relaxed, children will become irresponsible and lack self-discipline. They will waste their time watching TV or playing video games which later make them feel bored and unmotivated. This level of freedom, therefore, may have a bad impact on children’s development.
However, when children are given responsibilities from an early age, they would be able to teach themselves discipline and take credits for their action. Children who do chores at an early age will do the tasks carefully and diligently. This will lead to their success in adulthood because they have already developed self-discipline. Nevertheless, the idea of giving children extra responsibilities may go too far. They may suffer from too much pressure, and their time to do homework may be replaced by doing chores or helping parents at work. As a result, these children may miss out on their education. Therefore, I believe that when giving the children more responsibilities, one must consider wisely and sensibly.
In conclusion, I agree that there are some pros to both approaches. Even though children need to relax and enjoy life, it is also vital for them to balance their life by being responsible when necessary.

Activities outside of school are great for kids to explore the world. Some could argue that children should be forced to do more works while others think they would do whatever they want to do after school time. In my opinion, taking more responsibilities would benefit our children wisely in their life.
On the one hand, freely participating in after-school activities can be entertaining for students but it might not be good in some way. In fact, most children are more likely to go out with friends or participate in sports activities than doing housework or helping neighbours. Statistics show that without diversity in activities, children may not be able to learn essential qualities in life such as sympathy or compassion. As a result, children would lack the necessary skills in life.
On the other hand, taking on extra responsibilities outside of school hours can help children learn many crucial skills. Firstly, participating in activities that help others make children value life better. Children will be aware of their own responsibility to the community and become better people. Secondly, taking on more responsibilities will help children explore their new abilities. Because of that, children will be more confident and more successful in life. For example, 60 percent of school-age children in the US who involve in social activities are successful in many areas compared to children who do not participate. Thus, the more children are trusted to do things, the more successful they are.
To sum up, while children can freely participate in extracurricular activities, I believe we should put more responsibility on them for their own good.

In this modern era, children are not bound with as much responsibilities as compared to the earlier times. According to some people, it is positive trend in the society. On the other hand, some people think that it is not a good sign and needs attention.

Nowadays, young children are not feeling enough responsibilities over their shoulders. Some parents think of this as advantageous for their kids. One of the reasons behind this thinking is that youngsters are able to enjoy their life more in this manner. They know that life is short and one should live free from any kind of tension because they equate loads of responsibilities with tension. Another advantage is that they are able to think about their personal goals such as career, financial and others. For example, if they are focusing on improving their salary, they can do so by working for extra hours without having any burden of resolving family disputes and matters.

On the other hand, the other group of parents do not find anything positive in the trend of reducing responsibilities towards their home and family members. They think that this kind of trend would not make them a responsible citizen and they would rather become self-centric. Apart from this, the loveable relationship in such families is likely to get diminished as the young children may become selfish and pampered. For instance, it is commonly seen that young kids are becoming insensitive towards their old parents and sending them to old age homes when they get married.

Conclusively, though different people have different opinions about children being given lesser responsibilities, I feel that it is a good trend since in this way, they become more independent and self sufficient.

Some people argued that children should take extra responsibilities, whereas others disagree. In my opinion, there are pros and cons to this issue.

Some children often tend to be free after school hours. They will do whatever they want. As a result, it seems that children are likely to be relaxed about their life from an young age. Although this may make children feel more comfortable, they will become lack self-discipline or even irresponsible. They might spend their time on watching TV or playing computer games at the spare time for entertainment. This level of freedom certainly has downsides to children’s development.

In contrast, children who are`given responsibility from an early age would be able to get more responsible, discipline and motivated. It is within children’ power to do simple chores. This way makes them learn how to be in charge of themselves and not expect others to support them. Those who help their parents to do housework would also learn more about life. However, children who are required to work from an young age can be under stresses of adult life, so we need to limit the amount of work which children do.

In conclusion, I agree that children of all ages should be given extra responsibilities. It is important for all children to know how to enjoy and balance their life by being responsible when necessary. In this way, they are more likely to grow into a better version of themselves.