B20U20p3 Nowadays, sports stars can earn a great deal of money from advertising expensive sporting goods and other products. What problems might this cause? Do you think this is a positive or a negative development?

Nowadays, sports stars can earn a great deal of money from advertising expensive sporting goods and other products.
What problems might this cause?
Do you think this is a positive or a negative development?

It is true that sports stars are able to make a fortune from endorsing costly sporting goods. Although I agree that this may lead to some problems but it also has a positive impact.
Sports stars are offered sponsorship deals because of their fans, many of whom are at a young age and tend to copy them. As the products being endorsed by high-profile sportsmans are luxury and overpriced goods or expensive equipment, families have to spend a great deal of money to purchase them. Moreover, those who are associated with advertisements would find it hard to concentrate on their sports career. Their time would be taken up due to the fact that they have to work for other companies to promote their products. This may lead to the poor performance in their competitions.
On the other hand, there are several positive effects. When joining advertisements, more young people are encouraged to play sports because they tend to follow their idols. Therefore, those who are talented are given a chance to turn their passion into a lucrative career. In fact, there have been several cases in football where children from very poor areas have fulfilled their goals thanks to sport. Therefore, there are clear benefits for sport and sports professionals.

In conclusion, even though advertising sponsorships may have some downsides, I believe this is a positive development.

Many sports stars made extra income from endorsing products when the advertising industry is thriving. Although this can cause some problems, there are still some advantage effects.

Athletes who have a certain level of popularity in their field, would grab attention and obtain several contracts from various advertising companies because of having many dedicated fans. Those people want to adopt the aspects of their idols’ behavior or possessions that lead to negative outcomes for those in the middle income. It will be a burden for them to try to afford the luxury product. In addition, when popular athletes break a record, the advertising agency they represent will see a substantial boost in revenue, but if they have a scandal, it has a significant negative effect on both the business and the product they are endorsing.

On the other hand, there are several positive effects. Firstly, thanks to advertising, the product can be approachable to the potential customers, generating a major source of revenue for not only the business but also the economy of the country. Secondly, sponsorships make athletes focus on their sport rather than practicing traditionally. That encourages people to play sports and inspires young talented generations to follow their excellent sport role models to present their passion, determination and ambition on a professional career.

In conclusion, there are some negative effects on sport and sport stars, but I do believe on the positive development of sport celebrity endorsement.

At the present time, the advertising industry is thriving, many sports stars earn large sums of money from advertising. This can cause problems and it also has a positive effect.

The sports goods that famous sports represent have higher than the normal products. It means that athletes who have a high profile in their field, would attract much attention from consumption, especially young people who want to mimate their idol’s style. They are ready to spend a lot of money on idol’s products. The products they endorse tend to luxurious and overpriced goods and equipment. This puts pressure on families to spend money they may not have. Moreover, Athletes who are associated with advertising can not focus on their main job and passion is sports. They spent too much time working for commercial companies. This can lead to lower performance in their competitions.

On the other hand, we can not deny the positive effects.throughout advertising, people know about a lot of excellent equipment and goods sports, therefore, those will be approached as a modern exercise instead of traditional sports and gives those who are talented enough to turn their passion into a lucrative career.
In conclusion, famous sports stars attend advertisements which there are some negative aspects, but I believe that the benefit which made dominance.

Nowadays, sports and advertising have a close relationship. It is unavoidable to think of products which celebrated sports stars use when we think of them. There are pros and cons to this issue.

Sports stars and their teams are often offered sponsorship deals when they reach a specific level. As a result, this brings a large amount of money to them from advertising distinct companies. They are given these contracts because of their fans, the majority of whom are young people and tend to imitate their Idol. Since the products sports stars support are able to be lavish goods or overpriced equipment, this puts financially pressure on people who want to own these things. Moreover, the most popular sports are connected to advertising serious problems in society such as betting. Therefore, these issues should be intensely concerned in order not to result in negative impact on young sports fans.

In contrast,there are certain positive effects. As we can see that sport is now unlikely to develop considerably without advertising. Modern sport men and women are sponsored to concentrate on their sport instead of practicing in a traditional way. This encourages people to play sports and gives talented people an opportunity to present their passion on professional career. In fact, several children have been capable of changing their lives thanks to sport. Thus, we cannot deny the obvious upsides which sport and sport professionals brings to our life.

In conclusion, sport and sports people take a chance to thrive because of advertising sponsorships. I trust to this development, however, passing the law to products that can be advertised are essential.

Never before in people’ history have sports stars earned a large amount of money from advertising expensive sporting goods and other products. Although some problems happens, there are some advantage effects
The most serious problem is that the sport stars does not play for their passion but for commercial and even they loses themself. For example, Ronaldinho is a famous Brazilian player and he was model for Pepsi. After his reputation from advertising he usually went to bar and got drunk. Finally, he was not able to play soccer well.
On the other hand, noone can deny the possitive effects. First, advertise increases figure profit which helps the economy go up and speeds up the country’ growth. Second, customers can approach products easily. The more popular the communication is, the more well-qualified the products are and the consumers can reply on the products.
In short, earning from advertising can cause some problems to sport stars, but the positive development it brings is out of question