IELTS Speaking Part 2: place of entertainment

IELTS Speaking Part 2: place of entertainment

A student sent me this recent exam question. How would you answer it?

Describe a place of entertainment (e.g. theatre, cinema, sports centre) that you would like to have where you live. You should say

- what this place would be
- where it should be
- whom it would be for, or who would use it
- and why you think this place of entertainment is needed

IELTS Speaking Part 2: ‘sports centre’ answer

Reading the comments below last week’s lesson, I can see that almost everyone chose to describe a sports centre. So here’s my sample ‘sports centre’ description:

  • The place of entertainment that I wish we had close to where I live is a sports centre. My ideal sports centre would have a gym, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor football pitches, courts for tennis, badminton and squash, and an all-purpose area for things like gymnastics and circuit training.
  • I can think of the perfect place for this facility: There’s a disused piece of land just down the road from where I live, where an old warehouse was knocked down. It’s near to the main road and the train station, so it would be easy for people to get to. There are plans to build houses on this plot of land, but I think a sports centre would be much better for local residents.
  • The good thing about a sports centre is that everyone can use it. There could be sports lessons and clubs for children and teenagers - things like swimming lessons and football team practice sessions. I’m sure many adults in my local area would join the gym, use the pool, and book the courts for games of tennis or badminton. The centre could even hold sports events, such as competitions, that would attract spectators as well as participants.
  • I think we need a good sports centre where I live because people currently have to travel to the next town if they want to find some of the facilities, activities, lessons and clubs that I’ve mentioned. I think a sports complex would give young people, in particular, something fun and productive to do in the evening and at weekends. Playing sport keeps people healthy and makes them feel happy, so I think a sports centre would brighten up my local area and improve our quality of life.
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